Fashion Revolution ‘Good Clothes Fair Pay’

S/B Anna Ginsburg

Agency / Client:
Fashion Revolution

Anna Ginsburg directs this thought provoking video for Fashion Revolution's latest campaign, 'Good Clothes Fair Pay'.

With illustrations by Viktoria Cichon, Anna uses her signature bold aesthetic with seamlessly flowing transitions to help promote the demand for a fair living wage for the people who make our clothes around the world. The majority of textile garment workers cannot afford to live in decent housing, eat healthy food or go to the doctor. They even struggle to send their kids to school.

A living wage is not a luxury, it is a fundamental human right.

We demand laws that protect the human right to fair pay. The EU has the power to change this.

Add your name to our European Citizen's Initiative campaign for legislation on living wages for the clothes makers.

Sound by George Grinling