Attawalpa ‘Done Hanging On’

S/B Alex Jenkins

Agency / Client:

Attawalpa connected with modern visionaries Alex Gamsu Jenkins and Joe Taylor. They single handedly expanded the rapturous soundscape of “Done Hanging On” into a vivid and all-encompassing audiovisual experience and applied a mind-boggling dimension to his musical journey. Speaking to their creative process, Alex and Joe state, “I think we pretty much decided to follow the lyrics of the song but in a very surreal way. There isn't so much an overall narrative, it's more like a dream-like sequence of images moving in time with the song.” Attawalpa outlines, “Visually, I wanted something in between Duncan Trussel’s fantastic Midnight Gospel and Simpsons episode El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (if you know you know).