Surrey Heartlands ‘Accessing Primary Care with a Learning Disability’

S/B Ivyy Chen

Agency / Client:
Surrey Heartlands, The Sunnybank Trust

Researchers at Surrey Heartlands collaborated with The SunnyBank Trust and Strange Beast to produce an insightful short film based on real-life experiences of people with a learning disability, exploring their experience of accessing Primary Care services, and Annual Health Checks in particular.

People with a learning disability tend to have worse physical and mental health than the general population. Good quality healthcare and effective access to Primary Care services are key to tackle such inequalities.

This film, directed by Ivyy Chen, seeks to support healthcare professionals working in Primary Care to understand more about the experiences, challenges and needs of people with learning disabilities, empowering them to take positive action.

Together we can break down barriers and enable people with a learning disability to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

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S/B Ivyy Chen